The Sidekick + SLIM Brushes Bundle - BYAPPTONLY
The Sidekick + SLIM Brushes Bundle - BYAPPTONLY
The Sidekick + SLIM Brushes Bundle - BYAPPTONLY
The Sidekick + SLIM Brushes Bundle - BYAPPTONLY
The Sidekick + SLIM Brushes Bundle - BYAPPTONLY
The Sidekick + SLIM Brushes Bundle - BYAPPTONLY
The Sidekick + SLIM Brushes Bundle - BYAPPTONLY
The Sidekick + SLIM Brushes Bundle - BYAPPTONLY

The Sidekick + SLIM Brushes Bundle

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This bundle includes one unit of each of the following:

  • THE SIDEKICK Cross Body
  • THE SLIM - Tri-Panel Mirror
  • BYAPPTONLY Neck Brush
  • BYAPPTONLY Fade/Cleaning Brush (2-Pack)

The Sidekick
THE SIDEKICK created by Vince the Barber is engineered and designed to fit all tools and accessories needed for all barbers/stylists on the go. This is our deluxe cross body inspired by the original General Barber Backpack. It has a compartment that holds up to 3 clippers with protective pockets as well as buckled straps to secure your tools. This cross body style barber bag is the perfect fit for your traveling needs as a mobile barber/stylist. 

The SLIM - Tri-Panel Mirror
Sleek BYAPPTONLY portable mirror has tri-panel viewing and is perfect for barbers and hairstylists on the go. 

Neck Brush
Stylish BYAPPTONLY neck brush with high quality soft bristles and an easy to grip handle. Flat base makes it easy to stand on counter top/barber station. Soft Bristles are gentle on the skin and works great for brushing off hair around the neckline and ears after haircut.

Fade/Cleaning Brush (2-Pack)
Sleek BYAPPTONLY Fade/Cleaning Brush is designed with extra-soft nylon bristles so it's perfect for skin fading. The brush is also great for cleaning clipper and trimmer blades.


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What is the difference between The General V2 and The General Lite?

There is slight difference in size. You can find all the dimensions on the corresponding product pages. The Lite straps in 3 clippers while the original fits 4. If you use wireless, you will be able strap in an additional clipper or two in either backpack. The top and bottom pocket are also slightly smaller on The General Lite. The back pocket on the Lite holds a 16-17” mirror while the other one holds 18-19”. Also, we’ve added a magnet to The Lite to keep you workspace open. In terms of total volume the General V2 is 42L and the General Lite is 30L.

When does the product ship when I pay with Afterpay?

Your order will be shipped right away. When you buy with Afterpay, it is the same as any order bought using a credit card or Paypal. Once your order has been accepted and confirmed, it will be shipped within 2-3 business days. More questions about Afterpay? See our Afterpay FAQ for more information.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship our products internationally! We offer different shipping options for International orders depending on your preference. Please see our shipping policy or our terms and conditions for additional information. 


Are The General V2 and General Lite TSA Approved?                                  

Yes, they are TSA Approved and for most major airlines, they are classified as a carry-on luggage. If you choose to carry it on, you may bring shears up to 4” but that is subject to TSA’s discretion. Your clippers can be carried on without a problem. Also liquids over 3.5 ounces more than likely will not be allowed on the plan so best bet is to check in your shears and liquids and carry-on the rest. 

How many clippers does each backpack hold?

It varies depending on your tools. The General LITE and The Sidekick are designed to strap in at least 3 clippers while The General V2 fits at least 4. If you use wireless, you will be able strap in an additional clipper or two on either The General V2 or General LITE

Are the bags waterproof?

Yes, the outer part of the backpack is a triple coat weatherproof material and it is sealed with reverse coil zippers to prevent liquid and moisture from entering the backpack.

Do the General LITE or General V2 fit a blow dryer?

Yes, the top compartment definitely has room to fit a full size blow dryer with room to spare!

How many bottles/cans can the General LITE or General V2 hold?

The bottom compartment is designed to hold up to 6 full size bottles, spray cans, hair product, etc.

Does my purchase come with a warranty?                                     

Absolutely! All purchases come with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty. Please see our terms and conditions for additional information. 

Do you have a return/refund policy?

Yes. BYAPPTONLY LLC is committed to delivering a high standard of products. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, we do have return policy. Please see terms and conditions for additional information.

Do you offer wholesale pricing or bulk discounts?

Yes, we offer wholesale pricing to those interested in becoming authorized retailers. We also offer discounts for bulk orders. For more information, contact us at

What is the difference between the General V2 and the original General Barber Backpack?

The General V2 Barber Backpack is the updated version of The General Barber Backpack. We've just added some enhancements to the original. See product details of The General V2 for additional information. 

If you have additional questions, please contact us at


Secure Your MoneyMakers

Give your tools the protection they deserve. The Sidekick protects up to 3 clippers from impact in any direction. The buckled straps and  padded fleece surround your blades safeguard your tools in the event of a drop or fall. 

Clean & Organized

Keep your tools clean and organized as you work. The bag is equipped with customized slots to hold your shears and combs. 

Durable & Water Resistant

Built with the most durable materials in the industry - including tough 600D polyester fabric and YKK zippers - our bags are meticulously crafted to last a lifetime.

Quick Access Pockets

The Sidekick was designed to be compact & efficient for mobile barbers/hairstylists. The various pockets are designed to organize all your tools while also allowing quick access as you work out of the bag. 

Clipper Guard Organizer

Keep your guards secure and your sanek strips organized in the convenient front pocket.

Invest In Yourself

Earn More - Show your most valuable customers that you're a professional both in your shop & on the road. The Sidekick is designed to fit all tools and accessories for any barber or hairstylist on the go. Replace your heavy clipper case or barber bag so you can make more #housecalls.

Invest In Your Craft

Save More - The Sidekick protect your clippers, shears, & blades from impact both in the front & back. The design keeps your tools stored in the middle of the bag safe from damage while on the go. Save yourself the cost of replacement clippers, blades, shears & wasted liquids or gels.