The General - Professional Grooming Bag
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The Mars General (LIMITED)
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This backpack is everything I dreamed it would be . I can carry up to 10 clippers, 3 large canisters, all my guards, scissors, a whole box of gloves, a twist sponge & there's still room for more... I can maneuver through small tight apartments & houses or suites without all the banging of a large case and a separate backpack.

Jerod Jackson

This is the greatest barber investment you can make if you’re always on the move. I now feel confident that when I open the back pack, that my clippers and blades are safe because of this backpack! It was worth every penny and it’s lite, even when you have a lot of stuff in it. No more clippers case with a back pack to carry sprays etc. This one back pack does it ALL!!


 This bag was well thought out and the design was well executed. You can work out of the bag which is a plus. I used to carry my tools in a Master Vincent case & another backpack. Now this backpack changed that & is way more secure then how I was carrying my tools. Secure your money makers! Travel with ease.

The General (LITE) - Professional Grooming Bag
Regular price $249.99 ONLY A LIMITED QUANTITY LEFT!


Received The General Lite over the weekend and it’s met my expectations and more! It literally holds everything I need when I do house calls. I was using 2 bags before and it sucked lol. This bag is both comfortable and so convenient. Now, I don’t have to worry about my blades on my clippers getting chipped.


My boyfriend has The General and I absolutely love it! The quality is amazing and It looks very professional when he goes out for house calls. I'm a hairstylist and I've been waiting for a smaller version since I don't carry as many clippers but there's still plenty of room for my other tools.


Just received my General Lite and it exceeded my expectations! I’m a barber student so it definitely makes my life so much easier to and from school. The case they give us is a joke! It doesn’t protect anything and it’s so messy. This backpack keeps me organized and it’s looks so clean and professional.

The Sidekick
Regular price $179.99 ONLY A LIMITED QUANTITY LEFT!
The Mars Sidekick (LIMITED)
Regular price $194.99 ONLY 50 PCS MADE!


The best bag for traveling cuts. I’ve been traveling for work for over 14 years now, and this is definitely the best bag I’ve ever had. I was used to carrying around my whole kit and used maybe half the things in it. This definitely provides an easier trip. Thank you for producing such a great utility bag for us barbers. I am happy to support, by barbers, for barbers.

Cedric Senica

Vince the barber really killed this design. It’s definitely a game changer for the industry. It hold all the tools I need for my house calls and it’s comfortable to wear. The barber case is prehistoric lol and I can’t believe how much easier it is to travel with my tools. I plan on getting The General next!


The bag protects your equipment well and it is comfortable when wearing it. It is large enough to store everything you need for a house-call, unless you have a large blow dryer. The material on the bag is definitely high quality. By.Appt.Only put a lot of thought into the bag to make it a great experience and investment for their barbers. Thanks again and keep up the great work!

Perry Li
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