Frequently asked questions

There is slight difference in size. You can find all the dimensions on the corresponding product pages. The Lite straps in 3 clippers while the original fits 4. If you use wireless, you will be able strap in an additional clipper or two in either backpack. The top and bottom pocket are also slightly smaller on The General Lite. The back pocket on the Lite holds a 16-17” mirror while the other one holds 18-19”. Also, we’ve added a magnet to The Lite to keep you workspace open. In terms of total volume the General is 42L and the General Lite is 30L.

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Yes, they are TSA Approved and for most major airlines, they are classified as a carry-on luggage. If you choose to carry it on, you may bring shears up to 4” but that is subject to TSA’s discretion. Your clippers can be carried on without a problem. Also liquids over 3.5 ounces more than likely will not be allowed on the plan so best bet is to check in your shears and liquids and carry-on the rest.

It varies depending on your tools. The General LITE and The Sidekick are designed to strap in at least 3 clippers while The General V2 fits at least 4. If you use wireless, you will be able strap in an additional clipper or two on either The General V2 or General LITE

Yes, the outer part of the backpack is a triple coat weatherproof material and it is sealed with reverse coil zippers to prevent liquid and moisture from entering the backpack.

Yes, the top compartment definitely has room to fit a full size blow dryer with room to spare!

The bottom compartment is designed to hold up to 6 full size bottles, spray cans, hair product, etc.

Absolutely! All purchases come with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty. Please see our terms and conditions for additional information.

Yes. BYAPPTONLY LLC is committed to delivering a high standard of products. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, we do have return policy. Please see terms and conditions for additional information.

Yes, we offer wholesale pricing to those interested in becoming authorized retailers. We also offer discounts for bulk orders. For more information, contact us at

The current General Barber Backpack is the updated with new and improved enhancements to the original. See product details of The General for additional information.