From our founder, Vince the Barber

I’ve been a barber for over 15 years now and I’ve seen how much the industry has changed throughout the years. I'm thrilled to see barber culture growing and to see young barbers creating their own products.

During my first few years of cutting hair, I was known as a mobile barber. At the time, I made my own carrying case out of a tool case and used that for a few years. After a couple years of going through several different cases since a lot of them broke on me, I thought to myself that something needs to change.


I was tired of having to carry around a backpack plus holding a case of all my clippers where many times I’ve had some blades get chipped due to them not being secured and protected. So I thought of creating one bag to hold and secure everything you need while being mobile.

I’ve worked on designing this barber backpack for about 3+ years and believe me, it wasn’t easy! I thought of every possible way of making my life and every other barber/stylist’s life out there easier. The inspiration behind it all was simply me being a barber that I am and wanting to create something that will not only make life easier but a product that will protect my craft! I’ve had long sleepless nights putting this together making sure it was exactly how I wanted it. I would ask random barbers what they wished they had when traveling with your tools which helped me become more innovative.

I dedicate this project to my Mom. She understood my vision and always pushed me to keep going when I had times of doubt that this was too hard to handle. My mom would always ask me how everything was going with the project every time we spoke. She was actually the first person to see the final product sample before anyone. Seeing her reaction once I showed her was priceless. She saw what was first created on a napkin, finally come to life! She told me how proud she was and that she knows without a doubt that this will be a big hit!

The General resembles all the years of hard work, dedication, and passion for my craft.

“Invest in your craft, invest in yourself. Do what you love and love what you do. It’s only you that can turn dreams into reality.”

Thank you for your support!
-Vince “Vince the Barber” Garcia